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Damsel in Dis Dress

Is about Black Women coming together and doing what we do best - Creating! We are the original creators after the Originator and that is worthy of celebration in and of itself. This is so important because around the globe Women of the African Diaspora are continually push aside, marginalized, belittled, degraded and subjugated. WE have to celebrate OURSELVES, recognize our truth, and continue on our divine mission because without us, there is NO ONE else. 

Photo Left to Right:

Ayanna Niambi - Videographer | Photographer | Artist | Graphic Designer

Asha Bridges - Writer | Author | Actress I Production Assistant

Stephanie R. Bridges - Writer | Author | Publisher | Fashion Influencer I Content Creator

Rosalind Phipps-Jones -  Studio & Event Photographer | Self-Love Specialist | Image Consultant

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